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We offer cutting-edge employee legal plans and identity theft protection coverage designed to help employees keep their minds off their personal problems and on their jobs. Plans are administered by two 30+ year-old national companies. Over 30,000 North American employers of all sizes have added these unique plans to their employee benefits package.​  

With no obligation on your part, your Lionheart professional can show you how your employees can Worry Less and Live More for just pennies a day.
Lionheart Assurance Solutions, LP® has helped businesses of all sizes across the United States and Canada with a unique suite of products and services.  From affirmative defense response systems, to benefits, to the bottom line, we've got you covered
We are committed to empowering our valued small business clients with solutions that protect and grow their businesses. We have helped to “level the playing field” for thousands of small businesses by providing them access to the same quality of legal and consultative advice and expertise typically available only to large corporations at a fraction of the cost.  

Ask your agent to show you how we can help protect and grow your small business at a surprisingly affordable monthly rate.
More than half of all Identity Theft takes place on the job and is due to human error. Federal laws now require employers to educate employees on the risk of Identity Theft and to take reasonable steps to protect sensitive information.  These laws (and potential civil or criminal penalties) apply to any business or organization (large or small) that collects personal information about customers, clients, students, patients, or employees (including names, credit card numbers, birthdates, home addresses, and more). 

This may be a little overwhelming, but we can help your business or organization with the new requirements and implement your own affirmative defense at virtually NO COST to you or your organization.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly representatives will help find the best solutions for you.